About Me—Facts and Fictions

Mostly true stuff even though not true of me

A Google search reveals that someone who shares my name is a Compliance Director in Hoboken, NJ, a Senior Military Advisor in Washington D.C., and Managing Director of Warner Financial Services in the UK where a different Keith Hood established a thriving photographic business. Other Keith Hoods have experience in the medical field as dentist, periodontist, plastic surgeon, and ophthalmologist. A Keith Hood MD has written numerous articles in medical journals including, “Hematomas in Aesthetic Surgery.”(Again, I’m not that Keith Hood although I’ve written lots of short stories and essays (see Publications) but I’ve never written any medical articles. I don’t even have a college degree. I have never been a male or female prostitute, an operas singer or athlete. Despite rumors to the contrary, I have never been a staff writer for Star Trek: The Next Generation (although I tried my damnedest). Countless LinkedIn profiles say of various Keith Hoods that he is  “an all-around splendid person.”



All True

1953: b.

1959-1967: ELEM

1967: RIOT

1967-1971: HS

1969: see w in head turning moment.

1970: meet w.

1974: m.

1975-1987: The Cleaning Company

1977: s.

1979: dau.

1987-2019: DEco

1999-Present: Best Writers Group Ever!

2002-2006: Orchid

2005-2012: BOD 826michigan

2013, 2014 & 2018: Ragdale Artists Colony

2018: gr dau.

2019: retd.

2019: gr dau.

2021-Present:  BOD penny seats Theatre Co.

2024-One Story 

Adina Talve-Goodman Fellow


Facts & Miscellany

I sang The Temptations’ song, “Don’t Look Back” in a seventh-grade

talent show. I was the only person who didn’t lip sync. The audience

demanded an encore. I sang “My Baby.” Girls screamed.

Paul was my favorite lead singer.

I’m talking Temptations, not Beatles.

Bob Dylan never said what he is reputed to have said about Smokey Robinson, but, IMO, it’s close to true anyway. Smokey is my favorite Motown composer and he wrote most of the Temptations songs with Paul as lead.

I did write and submit seven teleplays to the producers of Star Trek: The Next Generation and, to my mind, the premise of Star Trek: Voyager is eerily similar to the last teleplay I submitted. After seven Star Trek rejections, I wrote a sci fi teleplay of my own and submitted the teleplay sci fi television show and received positive feedback from a Hollywood agent. While doing research for my series I stumbled upon “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been,” a short story by Joyce Carol Oates and I’ve been writing literary short fiction ever since

Fact or Fiction?

Was this a Halloween costume?

I do not remember being a Cub Scout.

I can locate my autographed books by Bonnie Jo Campbell, Joyce Carol Oates, Edward P. Jones, and countless others. I have no idea what happened to my Marvin Gaye autograph.

My own janitorial and window cleaning service for 12 years (1975-1987). I once cleaned the bloody basement floor of a home brewer, who had committed suicide.

Blue-collar worker for Detroit Edison/DTE Energy (1987-2019).


Keith Hood is a former janitor and window cleaner. He retired from a job as a field technician for a Michigan electric utility after 32 years avoiding electrocution. His prose and poetry have appeared in Blue Mesa Review, Quick Fiction, Flash Fiction Magazine, 50 Give or Take, Your Impossible Voice, one sentence poems,. Five Minutes One Hundred Words, and The Forge Literary Journal. Keith’s photography has appeared in Ontario Review, Helen: A Literary Journal, The Grief Diaries, Storm Cellar, and F-Stop, and in an exhibition at The Toledo Museum of Art. See Publications to read and view Keith’s work.

Odds and Ends

Of nicknames, I am not a fan

The first twelve words of ”A Tale of Two Cities” are timeless.

Edward P. Jones and Alice Munro are my comps.

I miss James and the butcher.

Think about rising early.

One Last Fact

We like dancing: Swing & Contra!


Also, my wife is not blond (see 1974 w.)

Okay, that’s two last facts.

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